The Amazing Duo
Amar Sen and Sabyasachi Sen are two exclusive artists of India in the field of hand shadowgraphy. Amar and Sabyasachi have introduced to the cultural scene this unique art form which is a combination of their hands and fingers against a blank screen telling you a million stories with complete audio visual effect which may be called " cinema in silhouette".

This is the outcome of days and years of hard labour. A knowledge of drawing, a study of anatomy, and behavioural science was imperative. Amar and Sabyasachi spent hours and days at Zoos, and museums to observe the details - in shape, style and movements. They had to master it all. Their instruments were limited to twenty fingers and two hands. But their scope remained unlimited. This required complete flexibility of their fingers, making them as malleable as ever. They took full advantage of the anatomical differences in their own hand and fingers. They utilised them to their best possibilities for providing their images with just that slender touch. The final effect is magical imagery.

The duo is proud to belong to the exclusive brood of global performers of this rare art form. Before shadows brought them into the limelight, they were just two friends with similar interests - music, mimicry and magic.

Amar Sen is a versatile artist, basically a professional singer, composer, playwright, poet, presenter,magician, ventriloquist, painter, photographer and making love with the art of creative Hand shadow since 1973.

He was the first magician to perform in FM TALK SHOW Akashvani, Kolkata, and interactive card magic at RPG CABLE RADIO, Kolkata. He is the winner of the "Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award" for Versatile Excellence for the year 2000. He is also a regular actor in many television serials.

On the other hand, Sabyasachi Sen, an advocate by profession is an ardent practitioner of the art of illusion. He has made an extensive research and experiment with the art of magic,mimicry, ventriloquism and photography; was also associated with group theatre, and stage presentation; lured by the potential of the art of Hand shadowgraphy, he started extensive research since 1973.

Amar and Sabyasachi have performed on various subjects, i.e. film on Nelson Mandela, traffic safety and road safety, oil conservation, historic events etc. They are confident of producing visual shadowgraphy presentation complemented with audio effects on any topic under the sun, supported only by required proper infrastructure. With twenty fingers, innovative mind and confidence to overcome all oddities, they are ready to take up any challenge.